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Showing Respect and Caring for Life

Pet To Nature Announcement
February 10, 2021
In the Name of Love
February 26, 2021

Life is like the movies sometimes where anything could happen. That’s why it’s better to make the most out of things and to respect and care for others while there is still time.

As I was working on a farewell ceremony for a beloved pet duo, Longzai and Boer, I felt that they would still be companions in the afterlife as they rest in peace together.

I was touched by the story of Hachiko -love beyond the distance. It’s true that the only thing a dog can never catch up to is the distance between life and death. A dog will always believe that one day, his master will come back. It’s loyalty is unflinching and unwavering as what Hachiko did when he waited for years and years waiting for his master to come back.

Pet to Nature treats all pets equally and respects them like family members in every way possible.

“Your beloved pets may leave you, but they’re never far apart. For their love and memories will be with you, always in your heart.”



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