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How does Bio-Cremation Work?



Humans and animals are made out of 60% to 90% water. During the bio-cremation procedure, water is used to bring a body back to its natural state. Bio-Cremation goes by a lot of names as it is also referred to as aquamation, alkaline hydrolysis and even flameless cremation. It is an alternative and a more environmentally-friendly approach compared to the traditional cremation and burial as it accelerates the natural decomposition process and breaks the remains down to ashes. It is a greener approach as it reduces the use of fossil fuels, does not release any harmful gases or chemicals, and does not contribute to pollution.

During the bio-cremation procedure, a pet’s body is placed in a clean and stainless steel cradle. The water temperature and alkalinity is then controlled to accelerate the natural decomposition process of the remains. After the bio-cremation process, only bone ashes are left behind. This process takes about 24 hours to complete.

No DNA or RNA is left in the liquid during the bio-cremation procedure therefore the filtered nutrients from the circulating water can be used to irrigate plants without harming the environment. Staying true to the spirit of Pet to Nature, our consultant will assist pet owners in preparing solemn memorial services for their pets that are personalized to fit their needs. For more details and information, please contact our consultant at 5200 0751 or check out this link here

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