MetroDaily-Is it good to choose Biocremation? --2018/08/16 (Thursday) Wang Miao decrypted--Meng Shengsheng--2018/08/16 (Thursday)

Every time I write this column, my pets always sleep at my feet in the middle of the night and snore happily. Why am I Happy? Because they're still alive, still around me. Sometimes I think, if one day, they leave... When thinking about it, I couldn't help crying.

It's a pity that we have to face life and death. According to the consultancy study of the agriculture and Fisheries Department last year, Hong Kong people raised a total of 681600 pets in 2016, of which 510000 were dogs and cats. If the annual mortality rate of foreign research pets is 5%, at least 30000 pets will die in Hong Kong every year, which is an alarming number.

Last year, the first biocremation service opened in Hong Kong, providing owners with an alternative. As early as 2006, biocremation service has been popular in foreign countries. At first, it was used for people, and then it can be used for pets. During the biocremation procedure, the staff will settle the pet remains in a clean stainless steel cradle. By controlling the temperature and alkalinity of the water, the natural decomposing of the body will be accelerated. After 24 hours of biocremation, bone fragments will be left, dried and compressed to become ashes. The owner can use the ashes with the soil and plant to commemorate the beginning of a new life. As the process will not cause air pollution, it is more environmentally friendly than cremation. Biocremation and cremation are charged according to the same weight. The price of biocremation is 10% high. Whether the pet weighing 5 kg or less, it costs about $1800.

I've never tried pet hospice service, so it's hard to comment on which one is better. I believe every owner has his own preference. I think it's better to ask the wishes of the pets through animal teleportation in advance than to worry about the choice. However, I think the most important thing is to love them as much as you can before they die!

*The above text and pictures are from the MetroDaily-Wang Miao decrypted-Meng Shengsheng

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