Pet to Nature: The First Pet Bio-Cremation Service in Hong Kong

Gone are the days when pet owners would treat their pets as just regular animal companions because our furry friends are now treated as equally important family members. Besides giving them the best life possible while they are with us, we also owe them a compassionate and gentle farewell when the time comes for them to leave us. Our pet Bio-Cremation Service offers a great solution to this matter.

Unlike most pet funeral services that use the traditional cremation method to dispose of the remains, Pet to Nature offers the Pet Bio-Cremation Service, also known as Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis, which involves non-burning and non-polluting methods. It uses water instead of fire and provides a more gentle alternative for owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets in the most natural, most environmentally-friendly, and most comfortable way possible.

The price of our Pet Bio-Cremation Service depends on the weight of your pet. For more information about our Pet Funeral Services and other charges, please contact our consultant at 5200 0751 or check out this link contact us here.

Pet To Nature Express

Pet to Nature Express offers a convenient and professional method of handling and providing mobile memorial services for your pets. Currently, our services are being offered in the following areas: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. If there is any need or request for assistance, a service team from our headquarters in Yuen Long will go to your residence or location.

Pet owners may also choose to have a memorial service where the procedure includes pets being placed in a specialized refrigerator. Your pet will then be transferred to our facilities for the Pet Bio-Cremation procedure. Pet owners will be assisted by our consultant to assure that the best memorial service for their pets will be given in the most gentle and most caring way possible. If you want to learn more about our pet funeral services, please contact our consultant at 5200 0751 or 24349866 or you can also check out this link contact us here.