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Ta Kung Pao-Hydration of pets, love is not due

Ta Kung Pao (2018-05-20)—— Hydration pets are due to love.

Return to nature pet hospice service is the first hydration pet hospice service in Hong Kong. We understand that every owner treats pets as their relatives, and is committed to accompany and escort pets on their final journey.

After the death of pets, we provide non-burning and pollution-free hydration pet funeral services, giving pets the most natural, environmentally friendly and comfortable way to say goodbye to them; after their gentle hydration, the owner You can also choose pet ashes to grow potted plants to commemorate your pet.

Pet To Nature practices green funeral, combining with the roots of plants and then re-grows to accompany the owner, making the pet truly return to nature. I believe that it is just a goodbye to it, and love does not stop.

Detailed report by Ta Kung Pao:
http://www.takungpao.com.hk/hongkong/text/2018/0520/ 167326.html

For details:
Tel: 2434 9866 (or call the 24-hour hotline *8899 by mobile phone)
Whatsapp: 5200 0751
Email: info@pettonature.com
Website: PetToNature.com

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