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Matthew, the principal of Pet To Nature, grew up in Hong Kong and once studied in Australia. After returning to Hong Kong, he have worked in different industries, mainly dealing in pet products for more than a decade.

In 2017, his beloved dog passed away, so he arranged a cremation for the dog. But the whole process was very industrialized, he couldn't do more for the dog, and sent it to the cremation field, and felt painful thinking that the dog was burned by the fire. And in just one or two hours, the ashes changed, and he felt a little uncomfortable. Realizing that other pet owners may feel the same way, he decided to add more humanity to this service and help pet owners deal with their beloved pets, so he opened the first company in Asia that provides pet bio-cremation services. .

Bio-cremation is very different from cremation. It is no need to burn into ashes. Instead, pets can be slowly decomposed in alkaline water like a spa bath. Bio-cremation will not produce methane and greenhouse gases. The remaining bone fragments can be put into the soil as nutrients to plant and extend the life of pets (the cremated ash has no nutrients). The hydrated liquid will not leave DNA, and it can be used to irrigate plants after filtration.

Matthew understands that many pet owners treat their pets like babies. Therefore, they will discuss with family members during the ceremonies for pets, such as when to carry out (the crematorium will not accommodate family members), what kind of bed, what kind of quilt, and what religious mourning ceremony to use, Even using a special vehicle for pets and family members to perform rituals where they liked before they were alive, they will understand and support the feelings of pet owners, so that they can get some spiritual support.

Although the whole procedure takes much longer than cremation. However, he felt that this was the only way to help the pet owner. Therefore, even if the investors of his company initially thought that cremation services should be provided, they could do many services in one day. Matthew insists on biocremation instead of cremation, because he does not emphasize the feelings of pet family members more than the profitability of his business.

His company is the first place in Asia to provide this kind of service. As a Hong Konger, I also feel very proud. Fully support Matthew to do his service with empathy!

I hope more friends can use his service!

Date of Visit: January 28, 2019

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