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Pet To Nature
Pet Biocremation Service, Back To Nature

The First Pet Biocremation Service In Hong Kong

We know that every owner treats their pet like a family member,

The last thing that can be done for them is to take care of their afterlife,

Our pet biocremation service cares for a wide variety of pets,including dogs, cats and hamsters.

Many pet funeral services use cremation to dispose of the body today,

However, we offer another non-burning, non-polluting, [biocremation] pet funeral service,

Say goodbye to your pet through the most natural, environmental, friendly and comfortable way.

After the biocremation service, family members can choose to take back or use the ashes in some new potted plants to commemorate your beloved,

The ashes will help the roots of plant to grow up and always be your side in another way,

Let your pet truly be [Back to Nature] in an [environmentally-friendly funeral] .

The price of our pet biocremation service is based on the weight of the pet. For more information about our pet funeral service and charges, please contact our consultant at 5200 0751 OR contact us here.

Pet To Nature Express

Pet to Nature Express offer a convenient and well-established way to perform a memorial ceremony for your pet. Upon receipt of assistance,our Pet to Nature Express service team will come to your residence from our headquarter in Yuen Long. Our service covers all kinds of areas, including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The owner can also perform a memorial ceremony and simplify the procedure. Your pet will be refrigerated and shipped back to our company for biocremation service.

Adhering to the purpose of Pet to Nature, our consultant will assist the owner to hold a perfect memorial ceremony for the Pet in every detail.

If you want to learn more about our pet funeral services, please Contact us, or call 5200 0751 or *8899 to contact our consultant.

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