Since ancient times, people have used "ground burial" to dispose of their remains after their deaths. This is derived from the traditional Chinese idea of ​​"being in the soil for peace"; it is one of the ways to respect and mourn the ancestors.

In the hearts of many owners, pets are like close relatives to them; after the death of the pet, today’s pet hospice services will use "cremation" to treat the remains;

However, we provide another non-burning and pollution-free [hydration] pet hospice service, giving pets the most natural, environmentally friendly and comfortable way to say goodbye to them;

Environmental protection hydration

Environmental hydration, also known as hydration or alkaline hydrolysis, is a gentle and responsible alternative to cremation that allows you to fulfill your partner’s parting time without harming the environment. "Pet To Nature" uses an aqueous alkaline solution instead of cremation. This cutting-edge process mimics the way the human body naturally decomposes in the soil. This is a natural method of decomposition, but it is accelerated. This is a non-combustion process that replicates natural decomposition better than any other method.

After their ashes are processed, the owner can use the ashes to plant potted plants to commemorate their pets;

Practice [green funeral], combine with the roots of the plants and re-grow to accompany the owner; make the pet a true << return to nature >> !


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