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Common Problem

1What is "hydration"?
Environmental protection hydration

Hydration, also known as environmentally friendly hydration or alkaline hydrolysis, is a more environmentally friendly and alternative to cremation or burial. It allows you to leave your pets without harming the environment. . "Pet To Nature" uses an aqueous alkaline solution instead of cremation. This cutting-edge process mimics the way the human body naturally decomposes in the soil. This is a natural method of decomposition, but it is accelerated. This is a non-combustion process that replicates natural decomposition better than any other method.

The environmental hydration process was originally carried out and invented by Gordon Kaye and Peter Weber at Albany Medical School in 1992. It was originally used to treat livestock to destroy pathogens that cause mad cows, Scrapie and many other viruses. Hydration is now the preferred method of agricultural disposal, which can effectively eliminate the risk of further disease spread. In 2006, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota established a single body system. When 150 families were asked to choose their preferred disposal method (hydration versus cremation), more than 98% of the 150 families (148 chose this process) chose hydration as an environmentally friendly method.

2Why choose hydration?

Hydration provides an opportunity for pets to contribute to a gentle, more environmentally friendly process. Hydration can reduce pollution and save energy, making a lasting contribution to the pet-loving environment. The traditional funeral ceremony and the return of the ashes remain unchanged.

More reasons to choose hydration:

  • It is a truly environmentally friendly and gentle method of disposing of pet remains instead of burial or cremation.
  • The energy consumption of hydration process is lower than cremation, about 90% (about 8-10 times difference).
  • The cremation temperature usually exceeds 980 degrees Celsius, and the hydration process does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius, which explains the significant reduction in energy consumption between hydration and cremation.
  • 100% pollution-free, no harm to nature.
  • Cremation releases obvious particulate matter and greenhouse gas pollutants during each operation. In addition, traditional burial (natural decomposition) releases toxic liquids, such as methane gas, while hydration does not cause the above.
  • The nutrients decomposed in the water during the hydration process can irrigate plants and green the environment.
  • 3How does hydration work?

    Pets and humans are composed of 60% to 80% water, and then use water to return them to nature (hydration decomposition process).

    Pet hydration is a more environmentally friendly and alternative to cremation or burial. It is the same process that occurs in nature; it decomposes faster than burial and does not produce methane gas; it is greener than cremation to treat the remains , Will not cause air pollution, no release of greenhouse gases, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.

    During the hydration period, we will place the pet's body in a clean stainless steel cradle. By controlling the temperature and alkalinity of the water, we will accelerate the natural decomposition process of the body. Mild alkalis are inorganic compounds, such as processed drinking water, soap, detergent, food, medicine, paper, cosmetics, textiles, and household cleaning products.

    After the pet hydration process is over, just like the cremation process, all that is left are bone fragments. By returning protein and fat to the constituent elements of amino acids, small peptides, sugars, salt and minerals, this cycle takes approximately 24 hours from start to completion.

    During the hydration process, there is no DNA or RNA left in the liquid; the filtered circulating water can be used to irrigate plants without harming the environment.

    Our pet hospice planning consultants adhere to the spirit of Pet to Nature, and assist the owner in a complete memorial ceremony for the pet in every detail.

    4How long does the hydration time generally take?
    The entire hydration process takes about 24 hours to complete. We believe that the death of pets is not a hasty thing, so we use the "natural decomposition" method. Choose hydration to be the most natural and not harmful to the environment, so that the pet can comfortably leave us in the water; and at this time, our pet hospice planning consultant will prepare a pet rebirth plan with the owner, for The pet chooses a place to live last.
    5What is the difference between pet hydration and cremation/burial?
    After passing away, people in the past feel that "going into the land for peace and returning to nature" is a kind of respect and love for the ancestors. Pet burial is also a natural decomposition method to moisturize the land. However, due to the changes of the times, land reduction and longer burial time, etc., pet cremation services have emerged. Not only does cremation do not require a large amount of land, but also because cremation uses a high temperature of over 980 degrees Celsius to treat the corpse, the cremation processing time is relatively shortened. And this latest hydration technology is a purely natural and environmentally friendly method, allowing the pet to decompose naturally in the water; in the process of about 24 hours, all nutrients will be decomposed in the water, and the nutrient water can be used for plant irrigation; Only bone fragments are left, just like cremation.
    6Can we retrieve the ashes?
    Of course, after the hydration of the pet remains, not only the ashes can be retrieved, but also 20-30% more bone fragments than the cremation. The situation is like a burial. The remains are naturally decomposed and leave bone fragments. Speeds up the natural decomposition process without burning or damaging bones.
    7Is it independent hydration or collective hydration?
    Both are optional, but we encourage the owner to independently hydrate the pet. During the hydration process, we will arrange for the pet to sleep soundly in an independent stainless steel cradle; after completion, the bone fragments will be left in the cradle, which is convenient to send back to the owner as a memorial or choose to plant potted plants; collective hydration will be combined with Different pet friends are placed in the same stainless steel cradle for hydration at the same time. After the completion of the process, all remaining bone fragments will be collectively scattered at sea for sea burial.
    8How soon can the ashes be retrieved?
    Generally speaking, the entire hydration process only takes about 24 hours to complete, and the ashes can be retrieved! But past owners are not eager to retrieve the ashes, because our pet hospice planning consultant will prepare with the owner for love Choose a suitable [Return to Nature] rebirth plan.
    9How do you charge?
    The pet hydration service is the same as the calculation of the cremation service fee, and the price is calculated based on the weight of the pet. After the host confirms to entrust us to plan the hospice service for the pet, we will arrange for the driver to arrive within 3 hours, weigh the pet and write it in the procedure book for verification; the driver will carry out weighing and cleaning after returning the pet to the company And freezing, waiting for the owner to arrange a date and time to send off the pet. All processes will be recorded on the flow sheet to ensure that they are correct.
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