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In the Name of Love

Showing Respect and Caring for Life
February 26, 2021
February 26, 2021

It’s a peaceful and sunny day in winter. The sky is blue and the plants are swaying with the wind. It is a heartwarming view.

On the 24th of November, I met Mr. Chen. He was arranging a farewell ceremony for his loyal companion, Maomao. He chose every detail for the ceremony -from the beddings to the pillows.

Maomas was fiercely loyal to Mr. Chen. Everyday, she would wait for Mr. Chen by the door and would fetch him his slipper when he arrives home. Maomao would also accompany Mr. Chen whenever he would feel tired. Meanwhile, no matter how busy Mr. Chen gets at work, he makes sure that he would always take time to make breakfast and dinner for Maomao and would always have quality time spent with her everyday.

Mr. Chen along with our consultant carefully prepared Maomao’s favorite chicken fillet with potatoes and lunchbox. Through the past fifteen years, Maomao showed his appreciation of the things Mr. Chen did for her by wagging her tail. Mr. Chen wiped the tears on his face as he let go of his best and loyal companion. As Maomao slowly reached the final journey of the process, Mr. Chen burst into tears again.

Although Maomao is no longer physically around, I truly believe that she will reunite with Mr. Chen someday. Mr. Chen chose Pet to Nature to be able to say his goodbyes to Maomao in the most memorable way possible.

We have asked permission from our customer to share this heartfelt story but in respect of the customer’s privacy, we have changed the names used in the story.



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