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February 26, 2021
The Heart of a Loving Pet
February 27, 2021

As the sun shines on the plants in Pet to Nature during a quiet afternoon, I’d like to share another story with you all.

On the 21st of October, Mr and Mrs. Lin arrived to claim the ashes of their pet. A few days ago, I remember attending their pet, Zhunv’s mourning ceremony. They were both crying and were full of grief and sadness. They found it difficult to part with their beloved Zhunv.

But when they arrived to claim Zhunv’s ashes, they were somehow relieved as they felt that Zhunv will continue to be their companion and a part of their lives in a different way. The relief came from the fact that a small plant can grow with them, so they now had smiles on their faces.

They carefully placed the ashes of Zhunv into the potted plants and slowly held the soil as they spread the ashes. After the planting process was over, they thanked us for giving them a new hope and taking away the sadness in their hearts. We truly felt their happiness and gratitude.

But what exactly is rebirth?

Pet to Nature strives for pets to return to their natural states when they pass away, that’s why we use a gentle and environmentally-friendly process of hydration. After this procedure, they can live and have a new life in the form of plants as their ashes will nourish and make plants grow healthily. Their life has been returned to nature and has been transformed and regenerated. Through the process of rebirth, even though Zhunv is no longer with them, his ashes will take care of Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s new plant and is somehow still with them but in a new form of life.

We have asked permission from our customer to share this heartfelt story but in respect of the customer’s privacy, we have changed the names used in the story.



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