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The Heart of a Loving Pet

February 27, 2021
The Continuation of Life
February 27, 2021

We’re here to share with you some of the beautiful things we encountered in Pet to Nature that truly warmed our hearts.

On the 14th of October, I met a very admirable customer - Mr. Wu. He is a man full of love and affection.

Mr. Wu was arranging to hold a memorial ceremony for Cici. Usually pet owners attended ceremonies with their family members but Mr. Wu was the only one in attendance for Cici’s memorial. After the ceremony, Mr. Wu recalled meeting Cici for the first time. At that time, we learned that he has been with Cici for only six days. When he was asked why he spent such a short time with Cici, it turns out that he found Cici at a back alley. Cici was very ill and no one really helped the poor animal because people just passed by her and ignored her. Seeing that Cici was helpless, Mr. Wu decided to take her in and brought her to a doctor. They tried their best to take care of Cici day and night. Despite their efforts, Cici was unable to get better and was unable to overcome her illness.

When Mr. Wu shared his experience with Cici, we deeply felt his sincerity, love and affection for the animal. Even though he knew Cici was ill, he still took care of her for six days in the hopes that she would survive. Mr. Wu’s love and compassion touched us.

Before Cici’s memorial ceremony, Mr. Wu along with our consultant carefully selected all the details including the furnishings and room arrangements for Cici’s ceremony. Every detail of the ceremony was considered and carefully arranged by Mr. Wu which made it very intimate. After the ceremony, Mr. Wu was very grateful and kept thanking Pet to Nature’s help. He mentioned that although he was only able to spend six days with Cici, he made sure Cici could safely leave and be at peace. Cici had a happy and intimate ceremony because of the quiet and beautiful arrangements made for her. Mr. Wu’s selfless love not only affected Cici but everyone else in Pet to Nature.

We have asked permission from our customer to share this heartfelt story but in respect of the customer’s privacy, we have changed the names used in the story.



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