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Pet To Nature Announcement

Premium Pet Supplies Expo 2019
February 10, 2021
Showing Respect and Caring for Life
February 26, 2021


The company has received several complaints from customers about someone that had falsely represented Pet to Nature and had customers undergo the traditional cremation procedure instead of the Bio-Cremation or Aquamation Service that Pet to Nature is offering. A collection of evidence has been gathered for this incident and the company’s legal team is handling the matter.

Pet to Nature would like to reiterate that it only offers the most natural, most environmentally-friendly, and most comfortable Bio-Cremation Service for pets. Please refer to the following details when searching for information about Pet to Nature online:

1.Pet to Nature is the first and only company in Hong Kong that uses Bio-Cremation and Aquamation technology to care for pet remains.

2.Pet to Nature does not and will never offer the traditional cremation of pets.

3.Pet to Nature strives to provide a one-of-a-kind service that is personalized to fit the needs and wants of every customer. We assist pet owners and family members as they go on their final journey with their beloved pets. The company aims for pet owners to be able to properly say their goodbyes to their pets in the most gentle and most comfortable ways possible. Pet to Nature will never persuade customers to choose the traditional cremation method of pets.

4.Pet to Nature hopes that the pet funeral industry will understand that we are offering pet families an alternative to the traditional cremation and burial services.

Tel. No. / WhatsApp: 5200-0751

Tel. No: 2434-9866



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