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Tips for Taking Care of Old or Senior Hamsters

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February 27, 2021
Tips for Taking Care of Old or Senior Cats
February 27, 2021

Hamsters are very popular family pets, but like any other living thing, they age and will eventually be old. They need extra love and care so that they can enjoy the last few years of their lives.

Ensure Cage Safety

First of all, make sure that the hamster can move in the cage comfortably and can easily access its food. It is best for it to avoid exerting too much effort moving around and feeling uneasy as those situations can cause them distress. The next thing to consider is its bedding. It should always be changed regularly. Since a hamster excretes in its cages, it's prone to produce bad smells and can be a place for breeding bacteria if it’s not cleaned regularly.

Clean the Cage Regularly

Keeping the cage clean is very important for old hamsters. Make sure to change their beddings and clean the other things in their cage every two weeks or as often as needed. Use water and mild soap and avoid soaps that have strong smells so that it wouldn’t also be harmful to the health of the hamsters. Place the hamsters somewhere safe while their cages are being cleaned to avoid them from walking around a room and the risk of being stepped on.

Provide Toys for Activities

As they age, the energy of hamsters gradually decrease so it’s better to make sure that their toys are still accessible and within their reach so that they can still keep themselves entertained. If they stop showing interest in some toys, it is best to replace them with new ones that they can play with.

Provide Adequate Food and Water

Adequate food and water are very important to keeping old hamsters healthy. A portable water dispenser should be installed and their water should be changed everyday. They should always have fresh water as well. It is also best to check for leaks in the water dispenser because if there are any, the water may contaminate their beddings and make them sick. Their diets should also be balanced and palatable. Consult with a veterinarian for nutrition tips for old or aged hamsters.

Ensure the Proper Amount of Exercise

Old hamsters of course need exercise as it helps strengthen their body. Try to also play with hamsters to arouse its curiosity, vitality and energy. The hamster wheel is supposed to be placed in a convenient position that they can easily access.

Care for Hamsters

Be careful and be gentle whenever you hold a hamster. Try to understand and accept that its behavior changes as it ages. Old hamsters easily get angry and that is usually a sign of old age, so we should be understanding and more patient with them. We should also pay attention to any abnormality on its body so that we can consult a veterinarian to treat it as soon as possible.



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