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Tips for Taking Care of Old or Senior Friends

Tips for Taking Care of Old or Senior Chinchillas
February 27, 2021
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January 16, 2022
Although there is no way to turn back time, we can try to make the most out of every day. Make the last years of your pet’s life safe, memorable and full of love.Here are seven tips for taking care of old pets.

Ensure Proper Intake of Dietary Supplements

A healthy diet is a must and a basic need for old pets. Pay attention to the calories they absorb from food. Don’t let pets become obese as it will reduce their lifespan and increase the chance of developing other diseases like diabetes. Consult with a veterinarian for the special dietary needs of old pets because their needs as well as their tastes change as they grow older. Their eating habits should also follow a routine.

Ensure Proper Exercise and Provide a Comfortable Environment

Daily and moderate exercise can help maintain a pet’s healthy weight, especially for dogs. This will also lower their chance of getting arthritis. Make sure to also install guardrails by the door to protect them and provide them access to soft and warm beds or sleeping areas.

Regular Visits to the Vet

One of the most important routines for old pets is to have a regular check-up schedule with their vets. It’s best for them to have a health check-up every six months. This will ensure that there are no abnormalities to prevent diseases and if there are, they can be treated early or as soon as possible.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Pet owners should pay more attention to their pet’s teeth and oral health when they are older. Open the mouths every now and then to check their teeth. Make sure to brush their teeth after meals. Pay attention to the presence of tartar. Consult with a vet how to go about oral cleaning as pets may develop dental problems if this is not given any attention.

Prevention of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Pets’ immunities to various diseases and sickness will decline as they grow older. Make sure they have the needed vaccinations and are provided and given the necessary treatments.

Daily Grooming and Nail Checking

Pay attention to the fur of older pets. Make it a daily habit to comb their fur, especially for senior dogs. Nails should also be carefully trimmed. They are likely to develop skin problems as they age so regularly check their fur and their skin condition.

Tender Care and Company

Give more love and provide more care to senior pets. They will also need more of your patience as their eyesight and sense of hearing will have weakened. It is important to keep them not just physically healthy but also mentally healthy as well.



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