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How Can You Tell if Your Dog is Saying Goodbye to You

The Continuation of Life
February 27, 2021
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February 27, 2021

The Act of Digging a Hole

Dogs naturally tend to dig holes before they pass away. It is in a dog's nature and instinct to protect themselves in their final moments from any predators out there.


Gradual Loss of Appetite

Dogs gradually lose their appetite when they sense that they are nearing their end. They would hardly eat or drink, or sometimes, even pretend to eat until they eventually reach a point when they refuse anything that is given to them.

sad dog

Extreme Fatigue and Weakness

Signs of extreme fatigue and weakness will be evident during the last few moments of any dog. They will choose a spot to lie down and rest. As owners, our presence during their trying times would be the greatest act of love that we can give them before they pass away.


Loss of Interest

Most dogs will respond less and less to their surroundings before they pass away. As their bodily function gradually degenerates, their senses get less and less attuned and would only focus on one thing: their owners. Our presence in their final moments is the greatest support and care that we can ever provide for them.


Loss of Bodily Functions

During their final moments, dogs may experience vomiting, incontinence, convulsions, or loss of limb coordination. Make sure that you are able to attend to your dog’s needs if they display any of these symptoms. Help them feel safe, comfortable and loved before they pass away.


Tips to Help Prepare Them for their Final Moments

●Provide them with a warm and quiet environment so that they can rest comfortably.

●Ensure that no loud noises would startle or cause any distress to your dog.

●Prepare food and water in case they would still have the appetite to eat.

●Express your love and appreciation and let them know that they have lived a good life.

●As painful as it may be, stay calm as they also feel our emotions.

●Make sure that the dog passes away in the most humane and painless way possible.



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