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PetPet World Ep3 Life and Death of Pets-2018/12/16

Thank you Qiu Pin’s creation of for supporting Pet to Nature. I hope that more people will understand the return to natural hydration hospice service. From the perspective of the owner, a pet hospice service with heart and love is achieved.

There are many pet owners who don’t dare to imagine that their pets will die. In this episode, I will talk about a more serious topic. How will pets die? Pet to Nature uses the new technology of pet hospice-hydration technology to return them to nature with water. Pet to Nature will not rush to the death of the pet, but will use the most comfortable way to let relatives and friends say goodbye to the pet. Reflect the human side.

The promise is a lifetime promise to send the baby the last ride

The person in charge Matthew: Hydration and burial are similar. They are both a natural decomposition process. However, it takes a long time to decompose when the soil enters the surface. It may take three to five years, but it will be in the water. The time required is greatly shortened to 24 hours to complete the entire process. We have a large number of hydration machines. The most important thing is to control the three types of hydration machines. The first is the water temperature. Unlike cremation, cremation uses a high temperature of 800 degrees, and hydration requires only a water temperature of one hundred degrees or less. The second type is water flow, a very mild water flow, and a very slow water flow; the third type is alkaline substances . By controlling these three things, continuously circulating within 24 hours, some organic matter in the water, such as skin and hair, will be decomposed into amino acids, salt, sugar, etc. After hydration, bones will be left. After air-drying and compression treatment, there will be ashes as a memorial to the owner. The hydration technology is recognized and strongly supported by the government. During the process, no pollutants will be released and will not cause damage to the environment. , The water released during the decomposition process can even be used for irrigation of plants.

Pet Pet World: "Return to nature and let love continue" is the purpose of Pet to Nature. After completing the hydration process, the owner can choose to put the ashes in the ashes as a souvenir, or choose to plant potted plants, rebirth Pet to Nature’s philosophy is to let the owner continue to feel the baby’s company by caring for the potted plants, and slowly heal the pain, so that the love between the baby and the owner can continue. Through the dialogue with Matthew, I realized the humanization of Pet to Nature. On the one hand, for the pet’s passing away, she doesn’t want to complete one thing in a hurry, but hopes to provide the most comfortable way for relatives and friends to bid farewell to the pet. Before the grooming process, the beautician with the IPTGA certificate will be the pet. Clean and dress up. When people die, there will be a ceremonialist to dress up their appearance. All pets are part of our family. Of course, they have to get the same treatment, from cleaning to trimming to toe nails and toe hair.With the gentle hands of the beautician, the pets can be spotlessly clean and can be beautifully sent to another world; Pet to Nature also has boutique masters who make pet souvenirs for the host. There are many boutique production factories in the market. It can be allocated, so do you need a betting master? Matthew’s words are allocated. Although the production process will be faster and more convenient, the quality assurance is not guaranteed. Since the owner has left the baby to us without reservation, we need to bear this responsibility even more, so Pet to Nature will never The prosthetic hand is in the hands of people, and the process is performed by the betting master to facilitate supervision and ensure quality. The master will tailor-made for each baby, the most comfortable and happy world.

From the perspective of the owner and the pet, care for pet hospice service

After years of getting along with each other, the pet has become a part of the family. Faced with the death of a loved one, it is indeed difficult to accept for a while. Everyone will say goodbye to their loved ones. Pet to Nature also deeply understands this point. , There are different memorial rooms in the store, including Chinese and Western-style auditoriums, where the baby’s relatives and friends can gather together to escort the baby’s last journey through relaxed gatherings. In addition to gatherings in the Pet to Nature memorial room, guests You can also choose a mobile farewell room. Pet to Nature opens a new mobile car. What is the concept? Matthew’s words are actually a good end. I hope there is a wide plain and a big sky. It means that after the baby leaves me, he will go to a happy and comfortable environment and live a new life, which can be accommodated in the car. For 10 to 12 relatives and friends, there is a refrigerated area dedicated to storing the remains, which is suitable for pets of different sizes. This is the last place to meet with the baby. Relatives and friends can personally lower the elevator as a final farewell. In addition, there is a projector that can show the baby’s moments before his death, the company of relatives and friends, so that the pet knows that he will not be alone.

Pet Pet World: I know that this mobile car has a special story, wait for me to ask Matthew first.

The person in charge Matthew: When we opened our business, we hoped that everything we did could be from the perspective of the host. Generally, when we give details, we will ask the host first, and we can cooperate and assist on the day of the ceremony. The host made the ceremony more perfect. If there is a host, just sit there for a while, and then there is actually a frame, because my BB liked to go to different places, especially the car, and kept asking me to go there. To play around, sometimes to the beach, sometimes to visit my grandfather, when I take the car, I look at the window naturally, and then I feel depressed, as if I’m sitting on TV and watching TV. I really can’t help it, because Hong Kong didn’t have enough time to meet this method. After that, I would actively consider how to cooperate with him. Because of that, I finally conceived it. , Just use a mobile pet to bid farewell to the room to deal with, I hope that the owner can take the baby to different places.

Pet to Nature has always adhered to a philosophy, "from the perspective of the owner and the pet." Everyone creates a comfortable environment and relieves the owner's pain. It is also a favorite for pets to embrace and take a long speech. With empathy and carefulness, I will do a good job for the pet. I want to be the best for you. I will keep my promise, accompany you to the end, escort you to the Rainbow Bridge in comfort, and I will send you the last My gift, I love you! After experiencing life and death, I know that every moment of getting along is the last moment. I spend my heart with people around me and cherish the time we have together. Although this sentence is clichéd, I will keep it in my heart and cherish it.

The text of the video comes from: PetPet World Ep3 The life and death of pets

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