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PetPet World EP3 Pet’s life and death – December 16, 2018

Thanks for Qiu pin's support for Pet to Nature, and hope to make more people know about biocremation service. From the owner's point of view, achieve a caring pet hospice service.

There are many pet owners who couldn't imagine their pet's death. In this episode, we will talk about a more serious topic. What will we do when a pet dies? Pet to Nature uses biocremation technology, a new technology for pets, to use water to return it to nature. Pet to Nature will not finish in a hurry. Instead, the company will provide the family members with the most comfortable way to say goodbye to pet and show humanity during the service.

A lifelong commitment to give your baby through last journey/h5>

Matthew: Biocremation and burial are similar. They are both a natural decomposing process. Pet burial is also a natural decomposition method, moistening the earth, but due to the changes of the times, land reduction, long burial time and other factors, pet cremation service came into being. Pet Cremation does not need a lot of land, because cremation is to deal with the body at a high temperature of more than 980 degrees Celsius, so the processing time is relatively shorter. The latest biocremation technology is to let pet decompose naturally in water with pure natural and environmental protection methods. It only takes about 24 hours to complete the biocremation process, leaving only bone fragments, just like cremation; all nutrients will be decomposed into water, which can irrigate plants.

Pet pet world: "return to nature and let love continue" is the principle of Pet to Nature. After the completion of biocremation process, the owner can choose not only to put the ashes box as a memento, but also to plant to regenerate. The idea of PTN is to let the owner continue to feel the company of the pet and heal the pain slowly by taking care of the potted plants, so that love between the pet and the owner can continue. Through the conversation with Matthew, I realize that PTN is in the humanized side, they don't want to finish in a hurry. They want to provide the most comfortable way for the family members to say goodbye to their beloved. Before grooming, the beauticians with iptga certificate will clean and dress up their beloved. When people die, they will be groomed by etiquette masters. The pet is one of our faily members, so they should get the same arrangement from cleaning to hair cutting, to toenail and toe hair trimming, we will be very careful. Through the beautician's gentle technology, we can make pet spotless and go to another world beautifully. PTN also has some artists who make souvenirs for owners. There are many factories which can distribute them. Why do they need own artists? Matthew said that although the production process will be faster and more convenient, the quality can not be guaranteed. Since the owner has entrusted the pet to us without reservation, we needs to be more responsible, so PTN will not hand over to others. The whole process is operated by the master of the company, which is convenient for supervision and ensures the quality. Choosing the best design for each pet and sending them to the most comfortable happy world.

From the perspective of the owner and pet, achieving a perfect pet hospice service

After years of getting along with each other, pet has become a part of the family. It's really hard to accept the death of a close relative. Everyone will say goodbye to their close relatives. PTN is also deeply aware of this, and has set up a variety of memorial rooms, including Traditional Chinese and Western auditoriums, to bring the pet's relatives and friends together. Through a relaxed gathering, the pet's last journey can be escorted. In addition to holding a party in the memorial room of PTN, guests can also choose PTN Express, the company has set up a new mobile car. Why does the company come up this idea? "In fact, we also provide a hospice service. We hope to have a broad plain and sky for the pets. It means that after the pet leaves us, he will go to a happy and comfortable environment and live a new life. The car can accommodate 10 to 12 relatives and friends. There is a special cold storage area for body, which is suitable for different types of pets. This is the last place to meet with the pet, and relatives and friends can enjoy it. Finally, pressing the lift table in person. In addition, there is a projector, which can play the video of pet's life. The company of relatives and friends tells pet that he is not alone."

Pet Pet World: I know there is a special story about this service. What is it about.

Matthew: when we just opened our business, we hoped to start from the perspective of the owner. Generally speaking, we would ask the owner first when talking about details. On the day of the ceremony, we could cooperate with the owner to help make the whole ceremony more perfect. One customer told us about his BB liked to go to different places, especially by car, and constantly asked him to play, sometimes to the beach or to visit his grandparents. The pet was looking out of the window quietly, as if sitting here watching TV. At that time, we couldn't honor his wish. After that, we came up with the idea of using PTN Express , hoping to let the owner take the baby to different places.

Pet to Nature has always adhered to the concept of "starting from the perspective of the owner and pet". We all create a comfortable environment to relieve the pain of the owner, to give the pet under warm embrace, to be sympathetic and careful, to do a good job for the afterlife of pet, to offer the best farewell, to accompany them to the end and to escort them to heaven. It is the last gift -- I love you ! Only after experiencing life and death, I know that every moment is the last moment and I want to get along well with the people around me and cherish the time we have together. Although this is normal, I will keep it in mind and treasure it.

The text of the video comes from: pet world EP3 pet's life and death.

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