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“The Future of Pet” A Different Pet Funeral-BioCremation Service-2018-11-16

"The Future of Pet" A Different Pet Funeral-BioCremation Service-2018-11-16


Matthew explained that bio-cremation technology existed in foreign countries as early as 2005, and it can be applied to human body.

Facing the death of pets, besides burial and traditional cremation, what other options do owners have?

Matthew, who is also a dog lover, after his dog died for feww years, he started to learn about the services of many traditional cremation companies. Later, he studied the foreign biocremation services and tried to use it in Hongkong.

Latest BioCremation Technology

The BioCremation service, in other words, uses the latest technology to allow the pet's body to decompose naturally in the water. Matthew, the head of Pet to Nature, said: "After the decomposition, bones will also be left. After the air-drying procedure, we will arrange the owner comes to retrieve the baby’s ashes in a week."

For owners who don’t know about biocremation, they often mistakenly think that pets are dissolved with Nitric acid, but Matthew explained: “Absolutely not. In fact, the biocremation procedure is not much different from burial. It is also a natural decomposition procedure. It will complete the entire natural decomposition procedure through the temperature of water and control its pH. Just like burial, it takes 10 years, or even 15-20 years, to complete the entire process, but the main purpose of biocremation is a natural decomposition process and it is reduced to 24 hours, and it will be treated in a more natural and comfortable environment than in burial."


The Biocremation only takes 24 hours.


On the day of the ceremony, the pet owners can use the button outside the glass door to send the pet from the conveyor belt to the biocremation machine for discomposing.

The use of biocremation in human body is more common in foreign countries

According to Ms.Fiona, biocremation is very common in foreign countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. They are even more applied to humans to decompose their remains, and the pet remains are decomposed through a 24-hour biocremation procedure. The water and bones in the skeletal objects contain organic substances, including sugar, salt and amino acids, etc., which can be used to grow flowers and plants, so that the afterlife can be circulated.


After complete the biocremation service, The remaining water and bones will be used for irrigation and fertilization of the plants and it makes the rebirth garden full of vitality.

Few Choices in the Market of Pet Funeral

Matthew and Fiona still remember that after the death of the pet, there were not many hospice services provided by the market, and they were also a bit regretful! The thought of Tradition--after death, dust returns to dust and soil returns to soil. Burial is the most natural way. However, due to the land problem in Hong Kong and the illegal burial of pet in public environments, they have to choose cremated all the time. Although cremation has some advantages, it is useful to give the owners multiple choices.


According to the needs of owners of different beliefs, Pet to Nature will provide different auditoriums, including Traditional Chinese and Western auditoriums.


Free and simple ceremony hall included in the fee.


Matthew said that the owners can leave a memorial for their pets by using pet ashes into ornaments or making 3D footprints. "We will do a one-to-one foot print before the biocremation procedure. The whole process is monitored by our employees, which is different from some outsourcing."

Establish PTN Express

For relatives and friends who want to say goodbye to their pets with limited mobility, Matthew has set up PTN Express. Reducing the sorrow of losing. Matthew said that an owner once told him that the pet liked to hang out in the car before his death and asked him if he could do it after his death, because there was no mobile farewell room at that time, the owner could honor his wish. But now, it is possible. The ceremony can be held in PTN Express. For example, if the baby likes to go to Penford Park before his death, we can also take a walk outside Penford Park to fulfill his wish!


The PTN Express allows family members with mobility impairments to say their goodbye to their pets.

*The above text and pictures are all from Thinking HK-"The Future of Pet" A Different Pet Funeral-BioCremation Service-2018-11-16

*Website source: http://www.thinkhk.com/article/2018-11/16/30842.html
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