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Service-Back to Nature

Service Procedure

Collecting Procedure- A Temporary Separation

A Temporary Separation- Your pet passed away; please call *8899 to contact our Hydration Service Consultant to arrange the collecting and religious memorial ceremony.


Service Procedure-Hydration

Hydration-Treat pet remains with natural and environmentally-friendly [hydration] technology; and compress it into ashes.


Service Procedure-Rebirth

Rebirth-the beginning of a new life; family members can use use the ashes in some new potted to commemorate your beloved. The ashes combine with the roots of the plant to symbolize the beginning of a new life.

The family menbers can also choose to take the ashes home or arrange it in our memorial hall in traditional way.

Service Procedure-Growth

Growth- Cultivating plants patiently, the ashes provide nutrients for the plants .

Service Procedure-Back to Nature

Back to Nature- Plants provide oxygen for the family members, like pets are reborn and live with them.

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