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How does hydration work?



Pets and humans are composed of 60% to 80% water, and then use water to return them to nature (hydration decomposition process).

Hydration is a more environmentally friendly and alternative to cremation or burial. It is the same process that occurs in nature; it decomposes faster than burial and does not produce methane gas; it is greener than cremation to treat the remains. No air pollution, no release of greenhouse gases, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.

During the hydration period, we will place the pet's body in a clean stainless steel cradle. By controlling the temperature and alkalinity of the water, we will accelerate the natural decomposition process of the body. Mild alkalis are inorganic compounds, such as processed drinking water, soap, detergent, food, medicine, paper, cosmetics, textiles, and household cleaning products.

After the hydration process is over, just like the cremation process, all bone fragments are left behind. By returning protein and fat to the constituent elements of amino acids, small peptides, sugars, salt and minerals, this cycle takes approximately 24 hours from start to completion.

During the hydration process, there is no DNA or RNA left in the liquid; the filtered circulating water can be used to irrigate plants without harming the environment.

Our pet hospice planning consultants adhere to the spirit of the Pet to Nature mission, and assist the owner in a complete memorial ceremony for the pet in every detail.


Please call our pet hospice planning consultant at 5200 0751. You can also contact us here here

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